Top 75 Blogs for Vegetarians and Vegans

If you are just starting out on your path to being a Vegetarian or Vegan or if you are a seasoned veteran, finding information about this way of life can sometimes be a daunting task. With the popularity of blogs, Vegetarians and Vegans now have an abundance of information available to them on the worldwide web. From what to eat to where to find it to the myths and facts about supplements, these blogs will update you on the issues important to today’s Vegetarians and Vegans. Below is a list of the top 75 blogs out there grouped in the following categories: Cooking & Recipes, News & Politics, Health & Nutrition, Animal Rights, Lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion, Thinking about Becoming a Vegetarian or Vegan, and Family.

Cooking & Recipes

These blogs offer delicious recipes that cover a variety of types and choices.

    1. 101 Cookbooks – Located in California, 101 Cookbooks is a senior cooking and recipe blogs that mostly features vegetarian recipes.veganfoodpyramid
    2. Vegan yum yum – A great vegan recipe blog with cool pictures. The list is endless of sandwiches, appetizers, pasta, soups, baked goods, and more.
    3. Fatfree Vegan Kitchen -This blog offers yummy vegan cooking tips as well as natural recipes that are naturally low in fat.
    4. Vegan Crunk – Read this blog from a 4 year southern Mississippi vegan. She is working on a soul food and country classics vegan cookbook.
    5. Eat Air-A Vegan Food Blog – If you’re on a vegan diet, this blog offers some great resources such as gourmet vegan recipes to popular restaurants that serve vegan foods.
    6. eat, drink & be vegan – These cooking pages are full of mouthwatering recipes and helpful advice. Written by Dreena Burton, an at home mom and bestselling author of several vegan cookbooks.
    7. Hell Yeah It’s Vegan – A modern vegan cooking blog that creates new spins on classic desserts, entrees, and sauces as well as veganized versions of favorites.
    8. Rhymes with Vegan – These creative recipe posts will motivate you to make the dishes you grew up with meat and dairy free. This blogger will definitely help you figure it out.veganfood
    9. Holy Cow! Vegan Recipes – Posts are focused on healthy vegan recipes that can usually be prepared in a short period of time with a minimum amount of ingredients.
    10. The Messy Vegetarian – A vegan and vegetarian recipe blog for vegetarians looking for exciting things to do with their diet. Written by a self-confessed messy cook, you will learn as well as laugh.
    11. VegCooking Blog – Get an extensive list of any vegetarian or vegan recipe ever cooked. This blog is a one stop shop for all your foods and recipes.
    12. Damn, it Feels Good to be Vegan – For those starting out, this might be a good blog to look over for some good recipes. There are also some shortcuts and easy substitutes offered.
    13. Comfort Food Vegan – Dedicate to informing the world that Vegans do not just eat salad, fruits, and berries. She offers some great interpretations of homemade comfort foods vegan style.
    14. Chow Vegan – If you read this blog, you will always have an answer for the repetitive question of “what do you eat?” Get all the details from this Vegan of over ten years.
    15. The Tropical Vegan – Written by a PhD student studying in the tropics. Her recipes are exotic but extremely tasty at the same time.

News & Politics

Stay updated on the issues important to Vegetarians and Vegans today with some help from these blogsveganpolitics

    16. SuperVegan – Although this blog is edited by some true New Yorkers, Vegans everywhere will love the content. They blog the latest news and have the best vegan restaurant guide for New York City with reviews too.
    17. The Informed Vegan – Gives an overall report on veganism for the rookies and long time vegetarians with links to other vegans and topics related to not eating meat.
    18. The Vegetarian Blog – Commentary on cultural and political views of vegetarianism and relevant subjects like environmentalism, health, and a bit of pop culture.
    19. Vegetarian Star – Everything about celebrity gossip and news related to vegetarianism. Get stories like “What stars like tofu” and “Who went back to eating meat after 10 being a vegetarian for over ten years?”
    20. World Vegetarian And Vegan News – Vegetarian & Vegan news from all over the world. Receive alerts on news, food, people, products, and developing projects.vegetarianpolitics
    21. Savvy Vegetarian Blog – News and vibrant opinions on vegetarian diet and nutrition, vegetarian lifestyle, green living, and the environment.
    22. VegNews – One of the most popular online vegetarian magazines. Stay current on hot topics and enhanceliving a compassionate and healthy lifestyle .
    23. Vegan School 101 – A mildly eccentric blog about vegan news, politics, and anything else that comes to this bloggers mind.
    24. The Raw Vegan – This scientist who happens to be Vegan likes to discuss personalities in the “raw vegan” movement, as well as forums of scientific data, and news from his own point of view.
    25. Vegan Talk – This bloggers focus is on all things that matter to vegans. News and commentary is heavily covered.
    26. Celebrity Vegan News – News about your favorite celebrity vegans, and much, much more.

Health & Nutrition

There are many misconceptions about vegetarian and vegan health and nutrition. These blogs will help you make the right choices for a healthy life.vegetarianhealth

    27. Veg Health News – This vegan biologist and is tired of the myths related to being vegan. Recent scientific material pertaining to diet and nutrition are talked about as they are reported in the news.
    28. Vegetarian Vitamins – This blogs goal is to aid vegetarians in keeping a healthy lifestyle by giving advice on proper supplementation and good nutrition.
    29. Raw Radiant Health – Get the inspiration you need to get healthy. This raw food wellness coach posts about helping people lose weight and reversing chronic conditions through the raw and living foods diet.


    30. The Vegan Dietitian – Written by Virginia Messina, MPH, RD, a dietitian and public health nutritionist for over 20 years. She currently writes and consults about vegan.
    31. Raw Epicurean – A raw vegan food blog filled with tips, interviews, and more to help support a healthy dietary lifestyle.
    32. Vegan Heart Doc – This blog is written by an Interventional Cardiologist in the Los Angeles area. Share her thoughts on medicine, ideas and info about vegan diets, and her triathlon training adventures.
    33. Vegan RD – A registered dietitian and vegan who loves to post articles about good food and good fun.

Animal Rights

Animal Rights is an issue important to all vegetarians and vegans. Read these blogs to educate yourself about the treatment of animals.

    34. Animal Rights Blog – Strong commentary and discussion about the preservation of animal rights. This blog will keep you updated on all the latest events and happenings.animalrights
    35. Vegan Soapbox – Designed as a forum for vegan news and opinions. There are also critiques on animal rights, animal liberation, animal welfare, and veganism theories.
    36. PETA Blog – This blog is sponsored by PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, the largest animal rights organization in the world.
    37. Animal Blawg – Since October of 2008 this blog has been emphasizing the issues of animal law, ethics and rights.
    38. Animal Matters – A weekly discussion of how human behavior impacts animals, including choices we make about our food, the products we buy, and financial investments.stopanimalcruelty
    39. Doris’ Animal Rights Blog – Written by an animal rights attorney and the Vice President of Legal Affairs for the Bear Education and Resource Group. This blogger has been an animal rights activist for over 25 years, and vegan for over 20.
    40. Animal Rights Blog – Read this blog from Stephanie, an independent animal rights advocate, a vegan, a tree-hugging environmentalist, and a freelance editor and writer.
    41. Animal Person – Mary Martin, PhD, breaks down the language, ethics and economics of our relationship with animals. The knowledge learned on this blog is invaluable.


Take a look into the thoughts and hopes of other vegan and vegetarian lifestyles.

    42. The Vegan Lifestyle – Aimed to inform individuals all over the world of the benefits of vegetarianism, vegetarian diet, and natural medicines. Promotes a healthy and active lifestyleveganlifestyle
    43. Soul Veggie – Focused on vegan and vegetarian related issues, thoughts, articles, information, facts, activities, humor, and more.
    44. The Vegan and Vegetarian Secrets Blog Reveals . . . – Veggie recipes and tips to make Vegetarian and Vegan Living a bit easier on you as well as your wallet.
    45. Tales of a Spoon – Chronicles of a Russian vegan girl that happens to be living in Barcelona. She offers insight on food, recipes, travelling and how to survive in a carnivorous world.
    46. Veggie Revolution – Reach beyond food and health with this veggie blog. Topics also include wildlife and environmental issues.
    47. Vegetarian, Vegan, Global Warming, Go Green – This blog recently started in October of this year but has grown in popularity. Any subject you could possibly think of related to Vegetarians and Vegans is covered.vegetarianlifestyle
    48. The Innocent Primate Vegan Blog – Created by two vegan sisters who love baking, shopping, and animals, just not baking and shopping that uses animals.
    49. The Sistah Vegan Project – A blog written with a focus on the African American vegan. Posts are interesting and compelling when these topics important to these women are discussed.
    50. Groovy Vegetarian – A vegetarian lifestyle blog with some eco friendly hints and tips mixed in.
    51. Generation Vegan – A blog by two vegans living in a world of meat-eaters, hoping to share thoughts, ideas and strategies about vegan outreach and everyday vegan living.
    52. The Vegan Snorkeler – Includes tips on vegan and earth-friendly living and travel. There are also some outstanding recipes and product reviews.
    53. Vegan Peace Blog – The Vegan Peace Blog is a blog about veganism. There are numerous links, resources, ideas, recipes, and FAQs on veganism and vegetarianism.

Beauty & Fashion

The fashion industry is always moving forward, so it’s no surprise that the industry is creating a supply for the demands of vegans and vegetarians. Here are some of the best blogs available on ethical beauty and

    54. Chic Vegan – Provides all the latest and greatest information on animal friendly fashion and sales. Make living ethically as easy and as fabulous as possible.
    55. The Professional Vegan – A blog for professionals who also happen to be Vegans. Search for fashionable, sophisticated, and trendy clothing alternatives that are animal product free.
    56. Great Green Shoes – A shopping blog devoted to animal free shoes suitable for vegans, vegetarians and everyone who prefers a quality alternative to leather.
    57. Miss Eco Glam Anna is an Aussie living in London with a passion for sharing amazing beauty products, eco-fashions, and animal rights issues.
    58. Vegan Beauty Review – An authority on all things vegan and cruelty free when it comes to beauty products and fashions.


    59. Green Lashes and Fashion – Finding the best organic and natural beauty, ethical fashion and lifestyle products on this site. All fashion is researched and includes info on where the clothing is made and the materials used.
    60. Shoes with Souls – Make the search for affordable, cruelty-free shoes and accessories simple. This blog has a vast selection of stylish products, without compromising morals and ethics.

Thinking about becoming a Vegetarian or Vegan?

Get some helpful advice on becoming a vegetarian or vegan from these informative blogs.

    61. Becoming Vegetarian – A one stop vegetarian resource with free recipes for people who are planning to become vegetarian and anything related to vegetarianism.veganvixens
    62. Veg Blog – Provides a point of view of a new vegetarian in an attempt to help other new vegetarians, or just people trying to cut some meat out of their diets.
    63. Choosing Raw – A respectable and reliable forum for people of all backgrounds to discuss raw foods, detox, nutrition, and health. Whether you’re considering a no meat diet, or just curious, this blog can provide the answers you need.
    64. Vegan Guinea Pig – Navigate through the world of vegan products including reviews of cookbooks, restaurants, websites, books, food products and more. This blogger tests them so you don’t have to.
    65. Baby Boomer Vegan – A blog for older adults who are vegans or want to become one. Find great links to other resources, recipes, and organizations.
    66. The Vegan Mentor – If you’re thinking about changing your diet and lifestyle for the better by adopting a vegetarian or vegan diet, this is the site for you.
    67. Becoming Vegan – This blog will provide you with what you need to know to lead a healthy vegan lifestyle? This blog can make it a lot easier.
    68. – Geared toward the aspiring and long term vegan. There are featured articles, interviews, product evaluations, and book reviews.
    69. Becoming a Raw Vegan – A daily journal of a woman and her husband trying to go vegan and raw. Share recipes, challenges, successes, and more.


These blogs can help you to introduce some vegetarian or vegan foods and products to your family without them turning up their noses.


    70. Creative Kismet – Written by a crafty vegan mother of 2, this blog provides posts and articles on vegan painting, sewing, and knitting. Check out her recent creations and recipes.
    71. BitterSweet – A great blog for vegan recipes and crafts. There are also some rather weird stories to read and some free patterns to try.
    72. Vegan Family Style – Read about this vegan family of 8. This mom loves to cook and serve her family healthy meals on a limited budget.
    73. Dreamin’ it Vegan – Get some information on how to make the best choices for yourself, your family, and the environment. This vegan mom of three years loves to cook, bake and entertain.


    74. A Veg*n For Dinner – Follow this blog to see what an everyday vegan family has for dinner. Their diet is 95% vegan and 5% vegetarian.
    75. Shift Vegan – Provides thoughtful ideas on how a family of four busy vegans are able to eat good meals together every night. This bloggers hope is to inspire you to try at least 1 vegan meal a week, which she believes makes a world of difference to animals.

We hope that these vegan and vegetarian blogs will shed some light and hopefully dispel the stereotypes that perceive them as fanatics obsessed with animal rights, contaminated food supplies, or extreme eating habits.

11. VegCooking Blog </a></strong> – Get an extensive list of any vegetarian or vegan recipe ever cooked. This blog is a one stop shop for all your foods and recipes. </li>

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