50 Fascinating Brain Science Blogs

Are you a student studying medicine, biology, or anatomy? Or are you someone who has been diagnosed with a severe mental illness? You might even be a friend or family member of someone who has. No matter what your reason for needing a brain science blog, there are loads of them out there.

Keep from putting extra strain on your brain by letting us do the heavy lifting. Below are 50 fascinating brain science blogs written by everyone from professionals in the field to those who experience the ugly side of brain science.

Fascinating Neuroscience Brain Science Blogs

Get the latest news, research, opinions, and more with these top neuroscience blogs.

    Source: watartsuwaterlooca

    Source: watartsuwaterlooca

    1. Neurophilosophy : Mo is a neuroscientist and blogger for Science Blogs. Selected posts include an illustrated history of trepanation and the discovery of the neuron. It is an excellent choice to learn both the history and present of neuroscience.

    2. The Frontal Cortex : In another entry from Science Blogs, Jonah is the author of “Proust Was A Neuroscientist.” His new book is on how people decide and his blog tells more. Blog posts are on everything from creativity to the NFL draft and how they relate to brain science.

    3. All in the Mind : Natasha Mitchell is an Australian science/health journalist, radio host, and producer. She also hosts a weekly podcast of the same name. An excellent choice for those who want to hear as well as read about neuroscience.

    4. Neurologica Blog : Get a daily fix of neuroscience, skepticism, and critical thinking here. Dr. Steven Novella is an academic clinical neurologist at Yale University School of Medicine. Categories on his blog range from autism to technology.

    5. Of Two Minds : Sick of neuroscience blogs from just one contributor? Then stop here to get a blog by both a PhD candidate in neuroscience and a graduate student hoping to go into research. A recent entry was on how the brain can see color even when there is none.

    6. Brains on Purpose : Stephanie Allen, lawyer, and Jeffrey Schwartz, doctor, discuss neuroscience and conflict resolution here. Categories range from affirmation to stress. A recent entry looked at cross-cultural conflict.

    7. The Neurocritic : This blogger deconstructs the most sensationalistic findings in human brain imaging, cognitive neuroscience, and psychopharmacology. After being abandoned at 15, he decided to start writing as a form of therapy. A recent entry was on how neurons could link Marilyn Monroe and Halle Barry.

    8. Neuroscience News : If looking for just headlines, click here. Science Daily provides the latest up to the minute headlines on neuroscience from experts in the field. You can also get tons of other headlines in science.

Fascinating Neurology Brain Science Blogs

Other areas of neuroscience are explored in these blogs.

    9. Brain Hammer : Pete Mandik is the Associate Professor and Chair of Philosophy and Coordinator of the Cognitive Science Laboratory at William Paterson University in New Jersey. His blog is both on neurology and philosophy. A recent entry reviewed the iPad for academic purposes.

    10. Eide Neurolearning Blog : This blog is an excellent choice for those who want to know the brain science of learning. It contains weekly articles related to brain-based learning and styles, problem solving, creativity, kids, and parenting. A husband and wife doctor team author it.

    11. Neuroanthropology : This is a collaborative weblog created to encourage exchanges among anthropology, philosophy, social theory, and the brain sciences. They especially hope to explore the implications of new findings in the neurosciences for the understanding of culture, human development, and behavior. Greg Downey of Macquarie University is your host.

    12. Neuroethics & Law Blog : Visit here for an interdisciplinary forum for legal and ethical issues related to the mind and brain. Professor Adam Kolber of the University of San Diego School of Law is your host. He regularly rounds up what he finds interesting in the world of neuroscience to comment on.

    13. Neuromarketing : Learn how to use brain science to make a buck with this blog. Roger Dooley shows you how neuroscience and marketing meet. Popular entries include the power of free and decoy marketing.

    14. The Law and Neuroscience Blog : Members of the MacArthur Law and Neuroscience Project share their ideas and interact with, not only other researchers, but also with the interested public more generally. One of the main goals of the blog is to provide people with a resource for finding out about cutting edge research at the cross-roads of neuroscience, law, and philosophy. Recent posts are on workshops and neurolaw in the news.

    15. Neuroethics at the Core : The National Core for Neuroethics at the University of British Columbia is an interdisciplinary research group and maintains this blog. They aim to use it as a means for the general public in partnership with academics, scientists, researchers, educators, clinicians and healthcare providers to contribute to the growing discussion in the rapidly developing and exciting field of neuroethics. Top posts are on magnets and morals, along with the depiction addiction.

    16. Neurodudes : Visit here for a blog at the intersection of neuroscience and artificial intelligence. Readers are encouraged to post materials and share thoughts. A recent entry was on machine learning open source software.

Fascinating Brain Focused Science Blogs

These blogs focus exclusively on the brain.

    nmsuedu17. Brain Blogger : A vast blog discusses everything on the brain from neurology to psychiatry. Check out the top features such as pulling the plug and lawsuits. Other topics include alternative medicine, drugs, and even biopsychosocial health.

    18. Brain Waves : Zack Lynch is author of “The Neuro Revolution: How Brain Science Is Changing Our World.” He is the founder and executive director of the Neurotechnology Industry Organization and co-founder of NeuroInsights. His blog focuses on the latest and greatest in brain sciences.

    19. Sharp Brains : Get brain fitness for all on this blog. As seen in “The New York Times,” “The Wall Street Journal,” and CNN, they are a market research and publishing firm tracking the research and marketplace for brain fitness and cognitive health. Read the latest entry, or see how to improve your own brain power.

    20. Dana Foundation Blog : Part of a magazine named “Cerebrum,” it is the publication “designed to change your mind.” The blog contains news and views on brain science, immunology, neuroeducation, and publishing. The latest entries are on the brains of introverts and brain science at the airport.

    21. Brain Ethics : Learn about the consequences of brain science with a visit to this blog. Thomas Ramsøy and Martin Skov are interested mostly in the consequences of tinkering with the brain and what it is like to be a human being. Most read entries include a cure for hooliganism and don’t touch that drink.

    22. Dr. Shock : This is the personal blog of a Dutch psychiatrist working in a University hospital. His specialty in psychiatry is the treatment of depression. Recent posts are on forgetting and diagnosis by phone.

    23. Brain Windows : Get information on new tools for peering into the brain here. The blog is devoted to reporting, analyzing, and interpreting the latest results in the field of brain imaging technologies, particularly at the levels of systems, circuits, single cells, and below. Andrew has a degree in neuroscience and shares more.

    24. Brain Stimulant : This blog focuses on new neurotechnology, brain stimulation, brain-computer interfaces, altering consciousness, and miscellaneous futurism. Mike often gathers bits of brain science from across the web to comment on them.

Fascinating Psychology Brain Science Blogs

Get more information on how human behavior and brain science are linked in these blogs.

    25. Psychology Today: A group of experts in psychology join forces on this site to bring you several brain science blogs. Specialties range from parenting to sleep and even group psychology. You can read the latest entries on the topic of your choice or check out the most popular.

    26. World of Psychology : Part of Psych Central, this blog has tons of information on conditions, drugs, news, and research. The blog is by Dr. John Grohol and others who discuss psychology in all of its forms. Popular posts include fast food, homosexuality, and bipolar episodes.

    27. Psyblog : Join the other over 27,000 readers who stop here for help understanding the mind. Jeremy Dean is currently a researcher at University College London, working towards a PhD. Categories include social, cognition, money, and happiness.

    28.3 The Media Psychology Blog : The psychology of mass media, social media, and emerging communication technologies are discussed on this brain science blog. The Media Psychology Research Center is a non-profit research center whose mission is to examine the interaction of media with human experience in every aspect of life. Latest entries are on broadband and cellphones.

    29. Perusing Psychology : Jared has an M.S. degree in psychology and is currently a doctoral candidate in clinical psychology with an emphasis in neuropsychology. His interests include abnormal human behavior. Top posts are on the self, cognitive dysfunction, and executive function.

    30. Advances in the History of Psychology : Learn about both the past and future of brain science on this blog. Jacy Young is a doctoral student in the history and theory of psychology program at York University and your blogging host. Categories range from book reviews to opinions and even journals.

    31. Laura’s Psychology Blog : Get one professor’s observations of the world of psychology here. Laura Freberg is a Professor of Psychology at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. Categories include autism, dieting, loneliness, and others.

    32. Postcards From the Id : A father, husband, and forensic psychologist examines the “lighter” side of clinical and forensic psychology. He also discusses pop culture and other personal interests for good measure. A recent entry was on building a good poker face.

    33. Exploring Psychology : David Webb has a first class honors degree in psychology and a Masters in Occupational psychology from the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom. He now lives in Spain where he works as a tutor and research dissertation supervisor. His blog highlights the most compelling psychology news and research along with his opinion.

    34. Cognitive Daily : Although this blog recently ended a successful five year run, it is still worth a look. The Mungers reported the best in peer reviewed developments in psychology. They can still be found on other areas of the web.

Fascinating Brain Improving Science Blogs

Use these blogs to better your own brain with science.

    35. Mind Hacks : Neuroscience and psychology tricks to find out what’s going on inside your brain are featured here. Tom and Matt also authored a book of the same name. The blog is a great stop for tips, exercises, and more.

    36. Channel N : Sandra Kiume brings you brain and behavior videos. Choose from documentary, lecture, education, and more. The most recent was on how to track the brain.

    37. Dr. X’s Free Associations : Have some fun by doing these free association exercises on this brain science blog. Both psychology and vintage photos are featured.

    38. Games With Words : The focus of the blog is to study how we understand and use language. They discuss research, findings, and controversies. You can also play games and take quizzes.

    39. Intelligent Insights on Intelligence : The redundancy notwithstanding, this blog has contemporary research findings, insights, musings, and discussions regarding human intelligence. Also known as IQ, Kevin tries to make sense of the nonlinear world of human cognitive abilities. A recent entry examined the technique of brain cooling.

    40. Mempowered : Learn how to empower your mind and memory with a visit here. Fiona discusses a host of brain science topics including Alzheimer’s, emotion, names, and more.

    41. The Thinking Meat Project : Explore what it means to be thinking matter on this brain science blog. This blogger is a freelance science editor and writer who chronicles efforts to understand the puzzles and joys of being conscious matter. Recent posts are on hominids, women, and blood pressure.

    42. Brain, Mind, and Education : Jonathan Pratt is an academic dean at Foxcroft Academy in Maine. His blog explores curriculum and professional development ideas based on relationships among research in neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and learning. The latest entry was on autism.

Fascinating Brain Science Blogs on a Specific Topic

If you or someone you love need help in a specific area, check out these brain science blogs.

    43. Patient Anonymous : Visit here for a blog by someone with several psychological and neurological disorders. They discuss what fits, what sometimes fits, and what definitely doesn’t. Essential reading includes been there, done that; med lab rat; and more about diagnosed diseases. :

    44. Neurological Correlates : This brain science blog focuses on psychopaths, narcissists, obesity, and addiction. See how science is part of the diagnosis and treatment here. The anonymous blogger currently works for a biopharma company.

    45. A Flowered Purse : Panic disorders are the focus of this brain science blog. AFP shares her journey through her crazy life affected by this disease for over ten years. Entries come on a regular basis and focus on the day’s ups and downs.

    46. Autism Blog : Lisa Jo Rudy is the mother of Tommy, age 13, diagnosed with PDD-NOS — an autism spectrum disorder. She is also a professional writer for About.com, researcher, and consultant. Recent entries discussed how to educate a child with autism.

    47. The Reality of Anxiety : Aimee shares her own story of anxiety along with how to deal with it. Popular posts include morning anxiety and vitamins B and C. Be sure not to miss the Coping Strategies section with more.

    48. Chemical Imbalance : This website provides scholarly information on mental health topics of interest to helping professionals, as well as to the general public. They focus primarily on two controversial areas in the field of mental health: depression and the influence of the pharmaceutical industry on research. Popular tags include SSRI, paroxetine, and DTCA.

    49. Furious Seasons : Get a brain science blog by a journalist who has bipolar disorder here. Philip blogs to share what it is like to be mentally ill and express his outrage to those in power. A recent entry was on legalized marijuana.

    50. Life’s Spacings : Deshanti has been diagnosed with D.I.D., which is better known as multiple personality disorder. The blog chronicles both her struggles and triumphs. Feelings, thoughts, and more are shared.

Whether looking to build your own brain or help out someone who is having problems with theirs, you can find loads of information on the above 50 fascinating brain science blogs. Be sure and consult a licensed physician if you have any questions on the treatments, opinions, etc. you read.

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