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101 Best Blogs to Help You Lose Weight

With a third of Americans being overweight and many others stricken with body image issues, losing weight is catching on more and more. With the help of the internet, you can now read expert advice, get recipes, workout tips, and more without leaving the home. To best navigate this maze, stop by these 101 best blog to help you lose weight by an individual, professional, community, and others.

Best Weight Loss Blog by a Women

These lady bloggers are first in the weight loss war.

    1. The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl: DG is actually Shauna, who is a Scotland dwelling Australian and half the woman she used to be. Read the latest entry on her progress, or check out her Reader Gallery.

    2. Escape From Obesity: This obese mother has been trying to lose weight since 2007. She has lost over 30 pounds since then, and blogs about her ups and downs.

    3. A Weight Lifted: Get healthy weight loss for women who are tired of dieting here. With entries dating back to 2005, make time for this one.

    4. Diet Blog: Stop here for both a blog and a forum on how to eat right and stay healthy. The latest entry was on Orthorexia and there are tons of other categories.

    5. Just Another Weigh: Jodi lives in D.C. and is trying to lose weight. Get updates on her life and progress via the blog.

    6. Run Brigitte Run: She is 48, a mother of five, and has struggled with weight all of her life. See how running and other activities help her lose weight.

    7. 101 Reasons I Hate Being Fat!: Stop here for inspiration and humor on how to lose weight. With 104 and counting, you are sure to find both.

    8. A Girl Worth Losing: Jem is 28, was recently diagnosed with PCOS, and is trying to lose weight. Her goal weight is 150 and you can read how she is doing via blog.

    9. I Don’t Believe in Diets: Cara just moved to Austin and her goals are to lower cholesterol and lose weight by eating right and exercising. Posts feature healthy, and not so healthy, days.

Best Weight Loss Blog by a Man

Get a window to weight loss from the male point of view from these blogs.

    10. Fat Man Unleashed: Israel weighed 348 pounds at the start of his weight loss journey. His blog has now grown into a movement, with hundreds of other people joining in.

    11. Livin’ La Vida Low Carb: Not as outdated as it sounds, Jimmy used to weigh over 400 pounds in 2004. See how he is doing now, along with useful recommendations.

    12. Couch Potato to Ironman: Duane is a Clydesdale triathlete who is changing his life one workout at a time. With three years of entries, his progress is impressive.

    13. John Is Fit: He is not afraid to share personal information including goals and blood records. A recent entry showed how a fat man shops at Macy’s.

    14. Tales from the Phat Farm: Mike lives in Wisconsin and has lost 140 pounds through fitness and diet. He is going to enter the Ironman race later this month.

    15. My Weight Loss Journal: Kirk weighed over 350 pounds in January of 2006. He currently hit a wall at 250 pounds and explains why.

    16. God’s Word: Louis Jeffries has taught Bible study and lost people he loves to cancer. He started this blog to focus spiritually on healthy diet, fitness, and weight loss.

    17. My Fitness Pal: Mike is interested in fitness and just recently got his brother to join in on the blogging fun. Read to see how they are doing.

    18. Fat Man Walking: Steve Vaught walks across America to lose weight and take back his life. Check out his journal and photos for inspiration.

    19. Emil Von Runner: He is the author of the blog Fat to 5K where he did just that. His new blog follows his runs, workouts, and more.

Best Fitness Blogs to Help You Lose Weight

Because the best way to lose weight is exercise, get more help with these blogs.

    20. Daily Spark: This blog is from one of the leading online communities in fitness. Popular entries include food reviews, obesity, and body image.

    21. Feminine Fit Blog: Visit this blog for daily fitness, nutrition, and weight loss tips for women. Popular posts include knee fat and Kirstie Alley.

    22. Fit Sugar: This popular blog has many categories, including one on health. Recent entries were on asparagus and tennis.

    23. Everyday Fitness: Achieve a mental, nutritional, and physical transformation for life with tips from wellness expert Pamela Peeke, MD. Latest posts were on eating like others and the post workout burn.

    24. Cranky Fitness: Crabby McSlacker gives you a guide to fitness, nutrition, and whining. Best posts include the worst mistakes, remotivating, and toxic fat diet.

    25. Better is Better: Adam Steer busts mainstream fitness myths one decision at a time. A recent and humorous post was on dumb things done at the gym.

    26. The Complete Running Network: Stop here for a community of bloggers who write exclusively about running. You can also get tips, training, inspirations, and much more.

    27. Weight Loss Truth: Weight Loss Wand is a site for those who are overweight and run this blog. Recent entries cover the real reason people are overweight and Hydroslim.

    28. Weight Loss Lib: Get tips on how to lose weight fast from this community of bloggers. Popular posts are on 10 tips for faster weight loss, how to lose 50 pounds fast, and how to lose belly fat.

Best Professional Blogs to Help You Lose Weight

These medical, nutritional, and other professional’s blogs tell you all about weight loss and beyond.

    29. Tanya’s Tasty Tips: Tanya Zuckerbrot is a nutritionist and the creator of "The F-Factor Diet." Recent entries were on healthy meals that won’t break the bank and what to eat at the airport.

    30. Cholesterol Management 101: Those with weight problems can also have troubles with cholesterol. Dr. Michael Richman shows you how to manage your cholesterol levels effectively.

    31. Healthy Recipe Doctor: From low fat recipes, to recipes designed for diabetics, Elaine Magee RD, MPH shares advice to create healthy meals that are guaranteed to please. Recent posts showed how to make your own salad dressing and chips.

    32. eDiets: A group of professionals answer questions on weight loss and more. Recent topics included cholesterol, back flab, and school lunches.

    33. Balanced Health and Nutrition: Rebecca is a credentialed nutrition therapy professional and American College of Sports Medicine certified Health and Fitness Specialist. Get answers to uncommon questions here such as overeating kids and exercise when you’re sick.

    34. Iateapie: Tanya Taylor has PhD in Food Science and Nutrition from Auburn University and reviews so called health food. If it says low fat, low carb, reduced sugar, whole grain, natural, organic, or high protein: she reviews it.

    35. On Fitness: Katherine writes this blog for “U.S. News and World Report” and is a longtime endurance athlete. Recent entries were on tips for athletes over 35 and to fight the freshman 15.

    36. Fitness & Health with Dr. Gabe Mirkin: Get news and tips for a healthful lifestyle from this sports medicine doctor. Posts help you exercise better and avoid injury.

    37. Colorectal Cancer: Learn how weight loss can help prevent this disease with the help of Dr. Heinz-Josef Lenz, Professor of Medicine and Preventive Medicine in the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California. He also blogs on other forms of cancer.

Best Diabetes Blogs to Help You Lose Weight

A common illness among the overweight, learn how to manage or avoid it with these blogs.

    38. Diabetes Mine: Visit here for a gold mine of straight talk and encouragement for people living with diabetes. A recent entry examined the uncertainties of high blood sugar.

    39. Conquering Diabetes: Dr. Michael Dansinger provides hope, inspiration, and knowledge for people with type 2 diabetes or prediabetes who want to conquer their disease and reclaim their health. Recent posts involve eating for diabetes reversal and stories.

    40. Diabetes Daily: Join this online network and blogging community to read about or tell your story. There are also tools, recipes, and even a forum.

    41. dLife: A community of diabetes sufferers share the blogging duties here. In addition to the regularly updated entries, you can get information on Type 1 and Type 2, recipes, a community, and an Expert Q&A.

    42. Tu Diabetes: Stop here for another blogging diabetic community. You can also join, create your own page, join a group, and more.

    43. Ride To Remedy: What began as a blog to log the travels of Courtney who is biking to find a cure for diabetes has turned into a popular site. Recent posts include doctor’s visits and confessions.

    44. Six Until Me: Kerri blogs about type 1 diabetes, insulin pumps, continuous glucose monitors, advocacy, and life. Recent posts were on snack time and moral lifeguards.

    45. The D-Log Cabin: Heidi is an EMT working toward an RN degree who has had diabetes since 1998. Her latest entry was on a visit with her endocrinologist.

    46. The B.A.D. Blog: The Born Again Diabetic blog is run by George, a husband, father, and type 1 “Ninjabetic.” A recent entry dealt with frustration on shirts that didn’t fit anymore.

Best Online Communities to Help You Lose Weight

Lose weight even faster and healthier with the help of others in these weight loss communities.

    47. SparkPeople: Join the over 6 million people who have turned to this site for health and weight loss. Get tips for a healthy lifestyle, diet, exercise, an active community, personalized tools, and much more.

    48. Weight Watchers: Visit here to get a sneak peek at their upcoming beta community. You can also check out the message boards, create your own page, and more.

    49. Communities: Revolution Health has many active communities for all sorts of health issues. Simply build a profile, write a blog, or join a group to get started.

    50. Wellsphere: Choose from a variety of communities including healthy eating, fitness, and weight loss. There are also many others for those suffering from a specific disease or illness.

    51. Diet & Nutrition Boards at WebMD: There are numerous boards to choose from on many health topics, including weight loss. Some of the specialty ones are a wedding weight loss support group and dieting clubs for those trying to lose 10-25 or 25-50 pounds.

    52. Weight Loss Members Support: Those who want to lose weight and are fans of Dr. Phil will enjoy these tell all message boards. Check them out by visiting, or register to join in.

    53. 43 Things: This is a site where you can share common goals with others, in this case, lose 100 pounds. There are currently over 1,700 others trying to complete this.

    54. eDiets: The community here has support in the form of other members and professionals to chat with. Read success stories, watch a video, and learn more about what this weight loss site has to offer.

    55. iVillage: Check out the diet and fitness section of this site to get tons of tips whether you’re just starting out or need some help finishing. Choose from diets A-Z, money savers, workouts, and much more.

    56. FitDay: Get your free online diet journal and start tracking your foods, exercises, weight loss, and goals. Your free account include many weight loss tools including long term diet analysis.

Best Team Blog to Help You Lose Weight

These bloggers either lost weight together or show you how together.

    57. 3 Fat Chicks on a Diet: Created in 1997, 3FC is one of the best known and supported weight loss forums and blogs on the internet. Get useful tips from the three chicks, or check out a member blog.

    58. Maria’s Last Diet: This husband and wife blogging team are a psychologist and writer, respectively. They blog on why diets fail and what you can do to make them work.

    59. Protein Power: A husband and wife team, both doctors, blog on nutrition. There is also a discussion forum and product recommendations.

    60. The Healthy Gourmet: Co-directors Scott and Ruth Parsons of The Healthy Gourmet Food and Lifestyle School write this blog. It contains recipes, book recommendations, articles, photos, links, and other useful information.

    61. Kitchen Table Medicine: Three medical professionals give a ton of advice on living healthy using the items found in your kitchen. Those looking to lose weight will enjoy those for diet, preventative medicine, and lifestyle tips.

    62. Divine Caroline: Moms and bloggers from all over contribute to this blog for healthy eating choices. Today’s top stories included strawberry salad and chocolate brownies.

    63. Hangry Pants: Heather and Mark try various specialty diets then blog all about it. Three are also recipes, videos, and favorite posts that are worth a look.

    64. Raw Food Right Now: If you want to lose weight, have a strong stomach, and don’t want to waste time cooking, try this alternative diet from Heidi and Justin. Favorites include smoothies and farmer’s market tips.

Best Podcasts to Help You Lose Weight

Use your iPod, iPhone, or turn your computer into a radio to help you lose weight with the help of the below.

    65. Fitness Rocks: Dr. Monte Ladner podcasts on various forms of health from arthritis to weight loss. A recent entry dealt with an exercise controversy in “TIME” magazine.

    66. GeekFit Podcast: Are overweight and looking for a non-threatening podcast to help you lose weight? Then let Jason and Steven give you tips for geeks from geeks.

    67. Healthy Catholic: Lose weight, be fit, and eat right with a spiritual point of view here. The latest episode was on how to stay healthy during vacation.

    68. Inside Out Weight Loss: Lose weight with the help of Renee, a certified Hypnotherapist. Latest episodes deal with a foundation for lasting weight loss.

    69. Fit Girl: Kira Langolf is a professional fitness trainer and host of this show. The latest episode was on essential fatty acids.

Best Videos and Webcasts to Help You Lose Weight

Watch or follow along as these sites help you lose weight.

    70. Fat Fighter TV: Get daily stories, features, and videos from this regularly updated site. There is also a video forum where visitors can share stories, as well as deals for free stuff.

    71. Being Healthy: Get video, audio, and a blog to help you be healthy. Recent posts include cholesterol and building a better burger.

    72. dLife TV: You don’t have to have diabetes to enjoy the fitness and diet information here, but it doesn’t hurt. This weekly program appears on CNBC, but you can watch many segments here.

    73. Mini Workouts: Jillian Michaels shows you these mini workouts designed to get anyone healthy. Choose from arm, back, abs, legs, and more.

    74. Healthy Appetite: Recipes and shows from the Food Network that feature healthy choices are available here. Choose from low carb, salmon, breakfast, and many others.

    75. Dr. Phil Weight Advice: A leading mental health professional, he shows visitors the keys to losing weight. Choose from Are You Ready?, Your Get-Real Weight, and others.

    76. True Life: A documentary series for MTV, they have various episodes for those who want to lose weight. Episodes include “I Can’t Stay Thin” and “I’m On A Diet.”

Best Sites to Help You Lose Weight

Go beyond blogs to the best in websites for losing weight.

    77. Women’s Health: Not just for weight loss, you can get tips for relationships, beauty, yoga, and more. A recent article was on the 125 best packaged food for women.

    78. Men’s Health: With a special Belly Off! Club, men who want to lose weight should definitely visit here. Tons of free resources include recipes, exercises, tips, and much more.

    79. Jillian Michaels: Ever wish the trainer from “The Biggest Loser” would work with you? Then visit this site to see how she can.

    80. Skinny Bitch: Get some tough love by the authors of a book of the same name. There is also a products page with recommendations on weight loss.

    81. Hungry Girl: This site specializes in tips and tricks for hungry chicks. Visit to get news, recommendations, a weekly weigh in, and even the option to ask HG a question.

    82. LookCut: Get healthy weight loss for permanent change information on this site. Experts weigh in different techniques, give diet reviews, and even free stuff.

    83. Health Crazed: Stop here for the numerous articles on health, a calorie chart with over 7,000 food items, and the option to ask Nurse Mary a question. There is also the Daily Anti-Diet Pill to help you lose weight the right way.

    84. Oprah Winfrey: Her well known struggles with weight have been documented both on and off camera. The site has a whole section devoted to food including video recipes and much more.

    85. The Diet Channel: Nutrition and health experts contribute over 500 articles annually on a wide array of topics, providing timely information so you can meet your diet and fitness goals. There are also quizzes, a community, and more.

    86. The Obesity Society: This society studies the causes and resolutions to obesity. Stop by for more information, read the journal, or visit the education center.

Best Vegetarian Blogs to Help You Lose Weight

Cut the meat, and in some cases cheese, with the help of these vegetarian and vegan blogs.

    87. Fatfree Vegan Kitchen: Susan V shares her kitchen and shows you how to make whole foods without processed fat or sugar. Recent entries include frozen fruit yogurt, squash soup, and veggeroni.

    88. Veg Cooking Blog: Go beyond just recipes to get products and recommendations on the lifestyle. The author recently revealed the top ten faux chicken sandwiches in the U.S.

    89. Vegan Yum Yum: Featured on “The Martha Stewart Show,” this blog has won many awards. Get the recipe for the cupcakes Martha loved or the most recent.

    90. BitterSweet: Love desserts? Then learn how to make them healthy the vegan way by stopping here.

    91. Vegan Lunch Box: Jennifer is a cookbook author who loves to find new ways to eat vegetables. Her recent posts feature foods from around the world.

    92. Vegetarian on the Cheap: Because losing weight, even the veggie way, can be expensive, check out this blog. There hasn’t been a new entry in a while, but the recipes alone are worth a look.

    Best Tools to Help You Lose Weight

    Utilize these tools for the best in weight loss.

    93. HowMuchFish: Everyone knows that fish is good for you but too much can be dangerous. Simply visit here, enter your weight, and tell the site how much fish you eat to know how much you can safely eat.

    94. Health Product Review: Want to take a supplement or other help for weight loss? Then stop here to get an expert review.

    95. Awful Plastic Surgery: Stop by this site before considering plastic surgery. It shows how this process can go horribly wrong using celebrities as examples.

    96. Food-o-meter: WebMD gives you nutrition facts including calories, fat, carbohydrates, protein, sugar, and fiber in over 37,000 foods and beverages. There is also a BMI calculator and more.

    97. Fit-o-meter: Similar to the above, this calorie calculator will give you personal results on over 600 different activities, exercises, and sports. Recent entries include badminton, golf, and yoga.

    98. DR Challenge: Diabetics and others can sign up for this 500 or 1,000 mile running challenge. Simply sign up here to join the dozens of others who already have.

    99. The Heart Calculator: Stop here to get a free weight loss tool on how your heart will do today. Just type in some simple information to get a detailed report.

    100. A Calorie Counter: This tool allows you to search the USDA food nutrition database in a quick and easy format way. It also tells you protein, carbs, fat, sugar, cholesterol, sodium, vitamins, and much more.

    101. Diet Tuffy: Designed by a psychologist, sign up for this program to help you lose weight through five fun and confidence building steps. It costs $19.95 and gives you a plan to overcome your dieting problem.

Whether obese, overweight, looking to trim a few, or get ready for bikini season, be sure to check with your doctor or physician before beginning a weight loss program. However, don’t be afraid to ask him or her about something you saw on these 101 best blogs to help you lose weight.

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